C.A.R.E.S Member Fast Facts

Charleston CARES is made up of three Charleston carriage companies: Palmetto Carriage Works, Charleston Carriage Works and Old South Carriage Company.

When were the companies founded?

  • Palmetto Carriage works was founded in 1971.

  • Charleston Carriage Works was officially founded in 2013.

  • Old South Carriage Company was founded in 1983.

Where are the barns located?

  • Old South Carriage Company is located on 17 Anson St. They also have a pasture known as Sugah Cain Plantation.

  • Palmetto Carriage Works is located on 8 Guignard St. They also have the Doyle Family farms.

  • Charleston Carriage Works is located on 20 Anson St. They also have farms in Johns Island, SC.

How many horses and mules?

  • Charleston Carriage Works: 15

  • Old South Carriage Company: 27

  • Palmetto Carriage Works: 40

Can you check in on the animals outside of the carriage tours?

The answer is yes! All three member companies have their barns open to the public. Of course, they ask that visitors please be respectful of animals and follow safety guidelines.

Can visitors bring their dogs on tour

Also, yes! All three companies allow dogs, if well behaved, on tours. Small dogs may sit in your lap.

Charleston CARES