New Poll Shows Overwhelming Support for the Charleston Horse Carriage Community

Recently we conducted a poll with the citizens of the City of Charleston regarding the local horse carriage industry. We are extremely excited, but not surprised, by the overwhelming support you showed for carriage tours here in town. We see ourselves as an important part of the culture, history, and continuing education of those who live in and visit downtown Charleston. We are happy to see that you do, too! As you know, we love and care for our horses and are grateful for the continued support that you show us.

Here are a few numbers that stick out right away:

  • 65% of Charlestonians support carriage rides in downtown Charleston.
  • 67% oppose efforts to ban horse carriage rides in downtown Charleston.
  • 85% rate the care given to carriage horses as excellent, good or OK as opposed to just 8% who believe the care is poor or cruel.
  • Only 1% think the biggest issue facing downtown Charleston is the horse-drawn carriage industry.
  • 52% would be less likely to support a city council member who supported a ban on horse carriage rides in Charleston, opposed to only 18% who would be more likely to support a city council member who supported a ban on horse carriage rides.
  • 71% think City Council should spend more time fighting new development of hotels downtown as opposed to spending more time further regulating the horse carriage industry.

Click Here for the full results of the poll.

Thanks again for your unwavering support. Please come by the barns to say hello to our animals and our staff and join us for a tour!

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