Charleston CARES Raises $1,775 for Local Horse Rescue Organizations

Charleston CARES Raises $1775 for Local Horse Rescue Organizations

CHARLESTON, S.C. (October 5, 2019) - Last Saturday, the members of the Charleston Carriage Association for Equine Safety (CARES) partnered with two local horse rescues to raise awareness and support for equine rescue and rehabilitation in the Charleston area. CARES member companies donated a portion of the proceeds from each carriage tour on Saturday to HOPE Acres Animal Rescue and LEARN Horse Rescue. In total, CARES raised $1,775, which will be split evenly between the two rescue organizations.

“CARES companies support rescue and rehabilitation of abused horses and the dedicated volunteers who perform this work,” said John Mulherin, General Manager at Old South Carriage Company and current CARES President. “We call upon all parties of good will to discern equine suffering where it truly exists and to make tangible contributions to legitimate rescue efforts.”

CARES has teamed up with HOPE Acres and LEARN Horse Rescue in the past, contributing several thousand dollars to both organizations. CARES has also contributed supplies such as bedding, feed, and equipment. 

In addition to partnering with HOPE Acres and LEARN Horse Rescue, CARES member companies hosted an Open House, which highlighted current practices in equine nutrition, grooming, and care, as well as tours of each company’s barn. 

“Since our inception, one of our standards has been putting the horses first. We have always been and will remain committed to the responsible, humane, and ethical use of working horses in an urban environment,” Mulherin said. “We host events like these because we strive to be open and transparent with our community about the work we do and the top-quality care we provide to our equine employees.”

Charleston CARES is an organization made up of the three largest carriage companies: Old South Carriage Company, Charleston Carriage Works, and Palmetto Carriage Works. The organization is committed to developing and promoting the highest level of equine care for Charleston’s horse-drawn carriage community. 


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